Mar, 1939 Fuji Electric Co., LTD was established. Kitaro Tsugamura was inaugurated as first president.
Manufacturing of Magnetic Switch was started.
1946 Development of Condenser was started.
Tirrill Type Regulator (Mechanical Type Regulator) was developed.
1954 Excellent authorization of automobie parts was given by The Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
1959 Starter switch was started to supply to OE mass production.
1965 24V Starter Switch (for diesel car) was developed.
1966 Prize of export contribution enterprise from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry was awarded.
AC Regulator was developed.
1968 Pneumatic Actuator was developed.
1970 First Ultra Compact Micro Cylinder in Japan was developed and mass production was started.
"ERACON" was set as brand name for pneumatic actuators.
June, 1972 Kitaro Tsugamura was inaugurated as chairman.
Akira Tsugamura was inaugurated as president.
June, 1981 Company Name was changed to 'New-Era Co., Ltd.'.
Mass production of Mini Gripper and Mini Rotor were started.
1985 Mini Arm was developed and production was started.
1986 Punch Unit for prepaid card was developed.
1987 Arm Unit was developed.
1978 Head office and factory were extended and reconstructed as rebar three stories.
June, 1988 Kiyoshi Kamata was inaugurated as president.
Jan, 1898 Capital investment was given from Tadano Co., Ltd.
Mar, 1991 New Head Factory was completed.
June, 1992 Kiyoshi Kamata was inaugurated as chairman.
Toru Okuda was inaugurated as president.
1995 DC/AC Inverter was developed and started selling.
Nov, 1996 A subsidiary, Sankei-Seiko Co., Ltd. was merged.
Jul, 1997 Good Design special prize from Small and Medium Enterprise Agency was awarded on 'DC/AC Inverter (Tornado).
June, 2004 Yasuhiro Kawazu was inaugurated as chairman.
Nobuo Kitamura was inaugurated as president.
Tokyo office was opened in Oota-ku, Tokyo.
Mar, 2006 Became 100% subsidiary of Tadano Co., Ltd
Oct, 2006 High Precision Linear Guide Cylinder (F-Series) was transferred from NOK Corporation.
Jun, 2007 Yasuhiro Obikane was inaugurated as chairman.
Apr, 2008 Became 100% subsidiary of Nagano Keiki Co., Ltd.
Jun, 2009 New-Era International Co., Ltd. was established in Thailand as a subsidiary.
Mar, 2010 NEO Series, smallest gripper in the world was developed and started selling.
Jul, 2013 New-Era(HK)Precision Co.,Ltd. was established in Hong-Kong as a subsidiary.
Apr, 2014 Pencil Type Ignition Coil was on sale.
Jun, 2015 Hiroshi Miyashita was inaugurated as president.