Privacy Policy

We believe in social accounability, that is why we take strict steps to protect your personal information. Under no circumstance will we disclose your information to any third party.
1.Regarding the registration of Customer's personal information.

This site requires registration of customer personal information (Name, Company Name, Email Address).

  • To request product catalogues, etc
  • To download CAD data, etc
  • To use services provided through this website, or other.
2.Regarding management of registered database of customer's personal information.

We take security seriously. Protecting your data is at the core of our online philosophy.

3.Utilization of registered personal information

We promise to use your registered information solely to exchange information with you the customer more efficiently.
Our company employees or authorized distributors will view your registered information when you make contact with us, and when we would like to make a contact with you the customer.

4.Disclosure of Registered personal information.

We promise not to disclose registered customer personal information to any third party.

5.Utilization of Cookies

In some cases this website will use 「Cookie Information」 to make it more convenient for you the user.
「Cookie Information」 is the 「Information」 which is transferred to the hard disc of user's computer using the industry standard.
Then, it is able to identify the customer's computer, but it cannot identify the customer itself.
The data will be saved on the customer's computer, but will not be saved to the server side.(It cannot be viewed from our company side.)

Decision Made : Apr 1, 2005