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Slim and compact body (Thickness:37mm)
Control signal voltage converting circuit: 3lines
Illumination / Parking brake / Reverse etc.
Powerful continuous output (back-up output)
Interlock output with ACC (key switch)
High conversion efficiency by switching system

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Product Specification

Model DDS-208
Rated input voltage DC24V(DC20V~DC32V)
Rated Output
DC13.5V±1V Total:8A
Rated Output
(12V Control OUT A~C)
DC13.0V±1V Total:50mA
No-load current ACC ON:Approx. 45mA
ACC OFF:less than 5mA
Conversion efficiency approx. 90%
Protection circuit Protection against reverse input connection
Protection against output over current (Drooping characteristic)
Protection against input output reverse connection
Operating temp. range -20℃~60℃
Leaving temp. range -40℃~85℃
Anti-vibration 67Hz 7G Ydirection:4hours(up and down) / XZdirection:2hours(the others)
Circuit mode Switching (PWM) system (noninsulation)
Product dimensions 148(W)×37(H)×129(D)mm
Product weight 600g
Input-output terminal Specific cable (attached)

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