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Minor improvement from SBC-001A !
Same usability

Charge auxiliary battery while preserving start battery
Vital item when adding extra battery
Output current: Max.30A

Alternator is charging the start battery in your car and boat. If you want to use the same start battery as a power supply for additional electric appliances such as TV, refrigerator, microwave and fishfinder, and those electric consumption are so large, the start battery may be charged very low and you may not be able to start engine of your car or boat in the end. In order to avoid such trouble, you can bring an auxiliary battery in to help the start battery. However, it is not enough because two batteries are equally charged and the start battery may not be charged enough to start engine. If you use this SBC-001B and an auxiliary battery at same time, SBC-001B separates the start battery and the auxiliary battery and give the priority to start battery for charging from alternator. As a result, the start battery is always preserved its charging level enough, and you can avoid the risk of no starting engine and enjoy using additonal electric appliances.
Due to spec. improvement from SBC-001A, NFC-030 (noise filter) is not necessary to be installed.

・ The protective circuit for start battery preserving
・ Indication of abnormity such as heat generation by flashing cycle of LED
・ For both 12V and 24V (automatic changeover)
・ Interlock with ACC
・ Light-weight and compact design
・ Easy installation
・ The connector for remote controller equipped as standard

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Product Specification

Model SBC-001B
Product dimensions 120(W)×55(H)×145(D)mm
Product weight 0.5kg
Rated input voltage 12V / 24V battery
Output current MAX30A
Max. operating voltage 30V
Operating temp. range -20℃~+60℃
Fuse 3A mini blade fuse
Anti-vibration JIS D 1601 45 degree
Water-proof No water-proof
No load current 12V Start batt. below 18mA
24V Start batt. below 28mA
Functions ◎Start batt. low voltage protection
For 12V battery
1) Operated by power-switch ON / About 12.5V
(Reset about 13V)
2) Operated by ACC interlock / About 12V
(Reset about 12.5V)

For 24V battery
1) Operated by power-switch ON / About 25V
(Reset about 26V)
2) Operated by ACC interlock / About 24.5V
(Reset about 25V)

◎Start batt. over voltage protection
For 12V battery / About 18V
For 24V battery / About 32V

◎Operational limit : 30A

◎Indication of battery condition by LED
Charging current / turn off at about 3A
Current control method PWM method
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